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Jazz music in Cebu

Jazz and live music in Cebu

Finally, Mary and I found a place to hang out in Cebu where we can enjoy an evening with jazz and other live music. The place is called the Slabadu, which is located at Cebu Mandaue City. Easy to reach because it is conveniently located close to Mandaue Foam at the Ayala access Road.

There are some more different places in Cebu for live music, but non of them has this great music equipment, which pleases our ears that much as the sound system in the Slabadu.

Also the musicians can look back into a experienced past. They entertained people from all over the world in different places in Asia and on cruise ships.

Joefre Capangpangan

Joefre Capangpangan



I couldn’t say which of the bands I do like the most, but Mary and I are fallen for Joefre the Saxophonist  who steps into the performance of all bands and brings the jazz into the Slabadu. His skills are outstanding. He plays the flute and saxophone like I haven’t seen before.  Find more Information about Joefre ( click on the picture) or read more about live music in Cebu at the Slabadu.

The Slabadu is open from Mondays to Saturdays. You will get a lot of perfect live music for your  small entrance fee (100 PHP -125 PHP)


Sailing Yacht Charter Service

Charter a Sailing Yacht in the Philippines.

Have you ever dreamed about to discover the world while sailing around the globe or do you want just something special during your vacation in the Philippines?

Captain Nicks Sailing Yacht Charter Service brings you to remote Islands and Beaches which can be hardly reached by Land.

Sailing Yacht Gwapa Cebuana

Captain Nick’s Sailing Yacht Charter Service in Cebu Philippines. Sail save, sail away and enjoy the Philippines.

Take your spouse and book a tour with the sailing Yacht. “Gwapa Cebuana”

Go fishing or diving in the tropical paradise of the Philippines or simply relax and enjoy the freedom while sailing away. Visit Captain Nick’s Sailing Yacht Charter Service.

A conspiracy not just in the Philippines

A conspiracy threatens us
and it is happening here in in the Philippines and also world wide.

Have you noticed that stairs are getting steeper every day?

That groceries getting more heavy and distances far longer?

Yesterday I left the house and was amazed how long our street has become!

Gravitation has also increased sharply in the last 30 years.
I feel it especially when getting up from my sofa.

And people are less considerate now, especially the young: you whisper all the time!
If you ask them to speak louder, they repeat the silent message to the lip language. What are they thinking, maybe I am a lip reader?

Are also much younger, I think, as I was at that age. On the other hand, people my age look older than me.

Recently, I met an old friend and she has become much older, so they do not even recognize me.

I myself can see my reflection.
But, somehow even the mirrors are not like they used to.

Moreover, everyone drives so fast these days! You’re risking life and limb if you’re on the motorway. Everything slows down in behind you, I see them scream and gesticulate in the rear-view mirror. Your brakes must have a terrible wear.

The manufacturers of clothes are currently less serious. Why do they call suddenly size 36 or 38 dress as the size 48 and 50? Do they think that no one notices it?

Equally dubious are the manufacturer of bathroom scales! Who really believe that I see what I see on the scale thinking? HA! I’ve never done anything of the numbers!

I wanted to call someone and tell what’s going on, but the telephone provider is also in the plot here: they have the phone books published in such small print that no one can ever find a number there.

All I can do is to send this warning continues:
We are under attack!

If not soon something decisive happens, everyone will have to go through this awful experience.
Please, send this to all and as soon as possible,
so that we can still stop this conspiracy!

PS: I am sending this message in big letters, because the letters in my computer and what happened: are smaller than as they once were.

I received that message in German language from a friend of mine. I thought it’s worth to be shared and translated.

Birth control in the Philippines legalized

Actually right before the Year 2012 came to an end, the Philippines President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III signed a bill that legalize birth control in the Philippines. The reproductive health law. This decision took over more than 14 Years, due to the resistance of the catholic Church. Which is now again interfering and already has announced to continue the fight at the supreme court of the Philippines, questioning the constitutional integrity of the issued “birth control bill”.

Just wondering why Church still goes on to tell people what is right or wrong? Hasn’t God made the difference between humans and animals to let us make our own decisions? And what about the protection of earth? Isn’t it one of our first commitments to protect freedom on earth? How can we accomplish that, if overpopulation leads to the lack of resources. Not just that the Philippines still struggle to provide equal education for all the new born children, even rice has already to be imported to provide the daily food for the whole Nation.

Now first time that the president steps in with the one and only right decision which shows that he cares about the future about the Philippine Nation, the Catholic Church once again proofs, that they do not care at all about her followers, in fact the rage against this latest decision, to legalize birth control, proofs again that the Catholic Church cares much more about her own needs. This are poor people and a mass of them. In Germany and other European Countries is no money to make anymore, and here in the Philippines where the book for religion education for the first 4 Years in school is more expensive as the book for mathematics, the industrial money making system of one of the worlds largest Organizations, which doesn’t allow to have a look into their book keeping records as any other company has to allow, still works.

Pressing money out of the poor people has always been much more effective than asking the rich ones to share their wealth. One way to understand why Catholic Church is so much interested to keep on telling, that Birth control is a sin.

Then, my conclusion is, the sinners are the one who care about the future of the Philippines and other countries, where the gap between rich and poor is still bigger as in countries, where Church isn’t involved that much anymore.

Your comment is highly appreciated.

Full body Painting in Cebu Philippines

The Philippines are well known for their tattoo artists. Nowadays the temporary henna tattoos and full body paintings are getting more and more requested, as they are not meant for a lifetime. Particular Body paintings like face paintings or just a butterfly at the back or shoulder are more often requested as the full body painting, though the number of men and women are rising to get their full body painted like an animal or a fantasy movie or cartoon hero.


I recently set up a site for a friend, who is offering such beautiful full body paintings in Cebu

Play and dive with whale sharks

Choose playing and also diving with the whale sharks in Oslob Philippines. Oslob is situated southwest of Cebu Region that can be reached as an example from Cebu Flight terminal at Mactan Island.From there one can reach the whale sharks site in Oslob in less than 4 hours.

Gadie Barro the famous female free diver of the Philippines is certainly your very own guide under water. She is not only an excellent free diver, she as well is a young marine model, posing just for you ahead of the whale sharks in Oslob.

You will want get out of bed early hours as a minimum at 4 AM to reach the diving site in due time to come across the whale sharks in Oslob. This subaqua experience will not likely forget about. It will be stunning and captivating for being so close to this undersea marine life not to mention more desirable in combination with a photo model posing to suit your needs.

Gadie Barro facing the whale shark in Oslob Philippines

Gadie Barro facing the whale shark in Oslob Philippines

Gadie Barro is a free diver and underwater model. She will make sure, that your experience will be safe and unforgettable for you together being with the whale sharks.

Island photo tours

Photo model tours to remote Islands close to CebuPhotographers and such who like to take pictures of the remote Islands in the Philippines can now take a photo tour and hiring a photo model from Cebu. Photo model tours offers a variety of different tours. The cheapest photo model tour is available at 3000 PHP. It is the hidden beach tour which leads you to one of the smallest hidden beaches at Mactan Island/ Cebu. Visit to read more.