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Affiliate Marketing

July 23, 2014

AMAZON and C0.

Having a business in the Philippines is not always as easy as the way of living indicates. Finding a job is getting harder as everywhere in the world right now and online marketing is not yet that much established as in other countries. That might have to do with the high costs for internet or the connectivity problems which domestic providers like PLDT haven’t solved yet properly.

But anyway the topic is about affiliate marketing and you might have experienced it for yourself already. Maybe you have tried AVON or AMAZON. Have invited friends and colleagues to buy something from you? That’s affiliate marketing already, but how many of you have failed as you might got 5 0r 10 people into your downlines while spreading the word to those few which are in your closest reach?

Yeah as suspected i did that too and some how i was running out of sources or my downlines themselves had more success as i did. Since i found the blog of Penny Cannon i finally understood how to do things right in terms of online marketing.

So i have turned my attention to those opportunities which one can find online and discovered that affiliate marketing can be quite a source for some residual income. Not much but still enough to feed family and sending kids to school. I haven’t fallen for this promises to “get rich over night” or in just one month or that i would be able to “fire my boss”.

This are all just online bubbles and better keep your hands off as well. You lose more as they promise you to earn.

As this blog is more about the Philippines and it’s variety of opportunities i have outsourced the information’s about affiliate marketing and how to succeed as amazon affiliate. If you are interested, just follow those links and you will  be directed to my other blogs which contain a bunch of my personal experience with online business. About my own online business i have posted here.


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