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Five Tricks to Tickling the Interest of Filipino Consumers

January 23, 2014

Exploring the Five Tricks to Tickling the Interest of Filipino Consumers

Have you recently opened a business in the Philippines? If so, then you just made a wise decision. While the country has been through natural calamities and political scandals in the last few years, it still proves to be one of the best locations in Southeast Asia to delve into entrepreneurship. This is because of the relatively low costs of a start-up here and the convenience of getting a visa to gain access to the country. Moreover, Filipinos are said to be one of the best consumers in the world because of their nice and very forgiving attitude.

However, having such friendly consumers doesn’t make it any easier to market your products or services in the Philippine market. In fact, a recent research study revealed that Filipino consumers have become more discerning these days because of their changing lifestyle.

Now the question is—how can you tickle the interest of Filipino consumers?

1. Build a good brand image

Like most consumers these days, Filipinos have grown more conscious about what brands they trust. But while they tend to go for companies who already established their credibility in the industry, they’re also looking for new brands to try and patronise. Therefore, if you’re new in the market, it would be ideal to start your marketing campaign by building a good brand image. Here’s how to do it:

  • Establishaphysicaladdressinagoodlocation. Whether it’s a meeting room in Manila  or a store in Taguig, location is very important when establishing a headquarters in the Philippines because it’s a plus to consumers.
  • Beconsistentwithbranding. Most successful companies in the Philippines are big on branding. In fact, you’ll see their logos almost everywhere and this has helped them gain patronage among consumers. So, if you want to experience the same, make sure that your logo is in every marketing material that you use.

2. Create a balance between quality and price

Filipino consumers have always been big on affordability but that doesn’t mean they’re not keen about quality. So, if you want to make it big in the Philippines, you need to sell a product or service that offers value for money. Your merchandise need not be expensive, but it should  maintain a standard of quality so customers will patronise it.

3. Make sure your products are accessible

With the busy lives that most Filipinos are living, it’s not surprising that convenience is on top of their list. With this in mind, you have to make sure that your products or services are easily accessible to customers. Aside from choosing a convenient store location, you can also team up with other retailers so your products can be bought easily. Moreover, you can try setting up booths or outlets in shopping centres and even in office or hotel lobbies, depending on where your target market is.

4. Get into the digital marketing bandwagon

With Filipinos spending an average of 21.5 hours per week browsing the internet and a good 106 million mobile subscribers in the country, there’s no doubt that you should join the digital marketing bandwagon. However, since most Filipinos are still starting to embrace e-commerce, it’s best that you start with social media. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are top choices for Filipinos, so it’s only fitting that you use them to interact with consumers and market your products. The good news is that these social media sites are free but they’re just as efficient as other marketing methods.

5. Take the organic route in expanding your merchandise

After you’ve already established your brand and products in the Philippine market, the next step would naturally be to expand your range. But while you’d probably want to venture into another niche, it’s best that you take the organic route and stay within the category of your existing product. This will make consumers want your brand more, which guarantees you steady stream of sales.

So, are you ready to tickle the interest of your Filipino consumers?

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Regus PH is a branch of a global corporation dedicated to addressing the needs of individuals or businesses looking for quality office space or meeting rooms in Cebu, Makati, and other areas.


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