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August 29, 2013

I had to write about Chicks ‘n Chicken, since i witnessed someone ordering this kinda menu.  Not totally strange but still a kind of odd, but let’s be objective and then one realizes that one of the reasons to visit are the young beautiful women and the cheap living costs. So Chicks’n Chicken becomes more like a description about what one is looking for while being in the Philippines.

Chicken is one of the cheapest local meat. Served in different styles mostly fried and spiced with some soy sauce. Lets keep it this way as some might get offended introducing young women as cheap chicks which is not my intention at all.

Let’s introduce what is best in the Philippines and yes, retiring due to the affordable living and the fact that young Philippine women do not care as much about age as in any other country is one of those reasons to settle down in the Philippines. My wife Mary and I collected so much more information about what is best in the Philippines, that we now added a new website, where we are constantly publishing what we think is the best in the Philippines and we do invite people to add their own opinion by using their Facebook accounts.

And speaking of chicken, if you are living in the Philippines for good, you might start missing a chicken in a honey mustard sauce american style.  JC’s music lounge in Cebu is the best place to go in this case. Not that they do serve local priced meals, they also do offer live music.


Jc’s music lounge is located close to Cebu Doctor’s University. It is easy to find and in the evening there is plenty of free parking space available.

It’s a typical place where young people hang out after work with friends or colleagues having a good time with live music or karaoke which is available as well at the nearby surrounding small restaurants. JC’s music lounge is owned by Jesse and his wife Cessile.

Jesse is widely known as J-Dog, since he is playing at different stages together with his band JRI.

And speaking of Chicks, somehow it worked the guy who ordered chicks’n chicken did not leave the location alone though it has not been at the menu at all.

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