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Tourism development in Tabuelan at Cebu Island

June 26, 2013

Looks good the construction site at the bus terminal in Tabuelan, where Mayor Rex Casiano Gerona is developing a new tourist attrction. Just like at the Loboc River at Bohol Island, Cebu Island will have its own floating restaurants and river tours. Actually it looks like that travel agencies should be prepared in 2014 to have this until now relatively unknown destination in their regular offers.

Tabuelan, sculpture of former Mayor Casiano Dabalos Gerona

Tabuelan, Cebu Island, Philippines, sculpture of former Mayor Casiano Dabalos Gerona


Quite a milestone for the tourism is going to be finished soon. Tabuelan will become quite more busy. As of now it’s known for the caves and springs nearby. The place is easy to access, just 2.5 hours in the northwest of Cebu City.

Tabuelan also awaits you with white sandy beaches, quite a rarity at Cebu Island. Small Resorts and Hotels are nearby offering affordable room rates just few minutes away from the center of Tabuelan.

The sculpture of Casiano Dabalos Gerona, created by the local artist Franz Herbich and casted at Herbich International’s Art Foundry in Lilion,  is already one of the most noticed and photographed sites in Tabuelan. For sure there is more to come.

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