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Jazz music in Cebu

April 27, 2013

Jazz and live music in Cebu

Finally, Mary and I found a place to hang out in Cebu where we can enjoy an evening with jazz and other live music. The place is called the Slabadu, which is located at Cebu Mandaue City. Easy to reach because it is conveniently located close to Mandaue Foam at the Ayala access Road.

There are some more different places in Cebu for live music, but non of them has this great music equipment, which pleases our ears that much as the sound system in the Slabadu.

Also the musicians can look back into a experienced past. They entertained people from all over the world in different places in Asia and on cruise ships.

Joefre Capangpangan

Joefre Capangpangan



I couldn’t say which of the bands I do like the most, but Mary and I are fallen for Joefre the Saxophonist  who steps into the performance of all bands and brings the jazz into the Slabadu. His skills are outstanding. He plays the flute and saxophone like I haven’t seen before.  Find more Information about Joefre ( click on the picture) or read more about live music in Cebu at the Slabadu.

The Slabadu is open from Mondays to Saturdays. You will get a lot of perfect live music for your  small entrance fee (100 PHP -125 PHP)

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