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Birth control in the Philippines legalized

January 2, 2013

Actually right before the Year 2012 came to an end, the Philippines President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III signed a bill that legalize birth control in the Philippines. The reproductive health law. This decision took over more than 14 Years, due to the resistance of the catholic Church. Which is now again interfering and already has announced to continue the fight at the supreme court of the Philippines, questioning the constitutional integrity of the issued “birth control bill”.

Just wondering why Church still goes on to tell people what is right or wrong? Hasn’t God made the difference between humans and animals to let us make our own decisions? And what about the protection of earth? Isn’t it one of our first commitments to protect freedom on earth? How can we accomplish that, if overpopulation leads to the lack of resources. Not just that the Philippines still struggle to provide equal education for all the new born children, even rice has already to be imported to provide the daily food for the whole Nation.

Now first time that the president steps in with the one and only right decision which shows that he cares about the future about the Philippine Nation, the Catholic Church once again proofs, that they do not care at all about her followers, in fact the rage against this latest decision, to legalize birth control, proofs again that the Catholic Church cares much more about her own needs. This are poor people and a mass of them. In Germany and other European Countries is no money to make anymore, and here in the Philippines where the book for religion education for the first 4 Years in school is more expensive as the book for mathematics, the industrial money making system of one of the worlds largest Organizations, which doesn’t allow to have a look into their book keeping records as any other company has to allow, still works.

Pressing money out of the poor people has always been much more effective than asking the rich ones to share their wealth. One way to understand why Catholic Church is so much interested to keep on telling, that Birth control is a sin.

Then, my conclusion is, the sinners are the one who care about the future of the Philippines and other countries, where the gap between rich and poor is still bigger as in countries, where Church isn’t involved that much anymore.

Your comment is highly appreciated.

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