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Play and dive with whale sharks

December 13, 2012

Choose playing and also diving with the whale sharks in Oslob Philippines. Oslob is situated southwest of Cebu Region that can be reached as an example from Cebu Flight terminal at Mactan Island.From there one can reach the whale sharks site in Oslob in less than 4 hours.

Gadie Barro the famous female free diver of the Philippines is certainly your very own guide under water. She is not only an excellent free diver, she as well is a young marine model, posing just for you ahead of the whale sharks in Oslob.

You will want get out of bed early hours as a minimum at 4 AM to reach the diving site in due time to come across the whale sharks in Oslob. This subaqua experience will not likely forget about. It will be stunning and captivating for being so close to this undersea marine life not to mention more desirable in combination with a photo model posing to suit your needs.

Gadie Barro facing the whale shark in Oslob Philippines

Gadie Barro facing the whale shark in Oslob Philippines

Gadie Barro is a free diver and underwater model. She will make sure, that your experience will be safe and unforgettable for you together being with the whale sharks.

  1. This is definitely on my list of things to do. I didn’t do the Thresher Shark dive when I was up on Malapascua Island because I didn’t have my Advanced Open Water PADI…but this one is just a snorkeling trip, yes? I should have headed down there and checked it out. Will do for sure next time!

  2. Just checked out the site for the day tours. 20K pesos for the day? And 10K if you need dive equipment? That must be a mistake, no?

    • No, that’s not a mistake at all, this tour together with Gadie, is well worth every single Peso. You can bring your own dive equipment. If we provide it, it comes with the diving instructor as well. All costs are covered including transportation Mactan Airport – Oslob – Mactan ( or instead of Airport your Hotel) This trip is special and you can not compare it with any other offer at the market. It’s exclusive and outstanding.

  3. Well, that’s about $400 for a day trip in the Philippines. It’s outrageously expensive, sorry.

    I’ll definitely do it — but I’ll find my own way there with a private taxi for $60 and do the whale watching for $10-$20. I’m not trying to sound like a cheap charlie — but overinflated pricing like this is one thing that is keeping the Philippines from being the amazing tourist destination that it could be. Thailand is blowing the doors of the Philippines — when it should be the other way around, given the natural beauty and super friendly people in the Phils. 🙂

  4. Yeah you are right, of course you can also avail our simple day trip offer which comes for 3000 PHP in our own mini van, but then without Gaddie just me as your driver, i can’t dive or snorkel just guiding and driving.

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