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Bamboo constructions and Bamboo facts

May 4, 2012

Bamboo is an everlasting source for construction materials.Did you know that trees (hardwood like mahogany) need 56 Years in average to be grown up and to use as industrial source? Bamboo poles can be harvested every 56 month already for industrial use. Did you know that 256000 trees are gone every single day just for toilet paper while bamboo could replace them in almost no time? Imagine how much people in Asian countries could be employed and be able to feed their children by planting and harvesting Bamboo. At non comparable costs and damages to the nature and climate of our Planet Earth? Bamboo harvesting will not cause damages of the environment, because no new infrastructure for streets and heavy machines have to be built.

Bamboo Pavilion Hawaii, Bamboo construction finalized project

Bamboo construction at Hawaii

And yet since the easy to use technology to link Bamboo with any standard material without hustle and quality loss will be possible there should be now a new booming industrial use for Bamboo. Some countries like Germany even lowered the import taxes for Bamboo to help this new market to grow. I am curious how long it takes that countries like the Philippines and other Asian Countries will get aware of the economic chances which Bamboo offers. I did some online researches and found the following resources, since I don’t like to copy and paste content, I will just guide you to Bamboo and Bamboo Village Hawaii.

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