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Mountain biking at Cebu Island Philippines

March 16, 2012

Biking or mountain biking in the Philippines is an outdoor fun adventure. If you leave the big city entering the mountain area you will find plenty of incredible dirt tracks. Just follow the small mountain trails which are connecting the small villages.

Mountain biking here at Cebu Island is very common. Bikers will leave the City early in the morning to catch up the sunrise over the Tops at Cebu and of course to avoid the mid day sun. Once entered the mountain region the air is getting more fresh and the polluted city is left behind.

Panorama View Cebu Mountain Region Q-Park
(Panorama stitched together out of 3 shots by Klaus Biesel)

I am not that kind of sporty guy, so I was looking for a place which is not that far away from Cebu City but remote enough to have some fun while biking together with friends.

The Q-Park in Compostella right after you left Liloan is such a bikers paradise. The small dirt tracks which are scattered all over the park brought the fun we were looking for. The view at the Top of the Hills is worth biking all the way up ( the last stairs we had to walk).

Virgin Mary Sculpture in the Q-Park close to Liloan - Compostella

The Virgin Mary Sculpture in the center of the Park was always a good orientation to find our way around.

We met a lot of people who had just the same idea and hikers as well. Anyway Hikers and Bikers are welcome in the Sculpture garden Pension in Liloan, which is not far away. So we decided to stay there again. Seems I am getting addicted to their self made fruit wines LOL.

The next day we tried to discover the other trails in the Q-Park region, but as it looks like we have to come back again. 2 Days were simply not enough and since there is some more fruit wine left in the Sculpture garden ……… be continued continuously 🙂

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