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Living on the Ring of Fire

February 7, 2012

Living at the Ring of Fire – Philippines

When I started building my own website I was pretty much aware that the place which I had chosen to stay is located indeed on the ring of fire, which shows the line of active seismic activities and moving tectonic plates.

grafic ring of fire philippines

Since today Feb.07. 2012 already 28 hours after the earthquake which hit the eastern part of the Island Negros with a magnitude of 6.9 (according to PHIVOLC) I am more than just reminded that mother nature does have her own rules.

Yeah of course Mactan Island is still almost 200 kilometers apart from the center of the quake but sitting in the house and feel the walls shaking and seeing people running out to the street, that was quiet impressive.

grafic map Philipppines

It would be to much easy to say that we were lucky this time because just others were hit much more stronger and closer it simply just happened and it will happen again and again. We just don’t know exactly the strength and location but that’s nature and we have to deal with it.

Yes we have to deal with nature isn’t that so? Or is there really someone outside who thinks opposite?

While writing I just felt one of the countless after shakes. It is still not over and who knows that the first big Quake was really the big one or is there much more to expect. I am permanently monitoring the Seismological Observation and Earthquake Prediction Division of the Philippines who are issuing latest Earthquake activities.

The Information’s are updated round about 30 – 60 minutes after a Quake was measured and it shows very clearly that in the past years, since I am living here the number of 5.0 + magnitudes are increasing constantly. For me as one who has no idea at all about this numbers it appears just a matter of time when the next shocking news about a major Earthquakes will go around the World.

What else as hope is left that the next one will not be our final one. Not just meant for those who are living in the Philippines as we all know mother nature is everywhere not just here.

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