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Apartments for rent in lapu lapu city

Apartment in Lapu Lapu city

Looking for a fully furnished appartment in Lapu Lapu city?

Take a look at HelenVille

Only 12000 PHP per month.

My life just became easier

Finally a new place just around the corner!

Sometimes it’s quite hard to find what you want. Some groceries you get only in the big malls at Cebu Island. Also if you want to hang out and experience something special Mactan Island sometimes seems to far away.

Now Pizza and Pasta at Mactan Island


The Kangaroo opened just very close to where i live. Turns out to be a great place to hang out with friends and family and finally Pizza and Pasta yummy and affordable. Prices start at 149 PHP only. Fresh made dough, sauce and fresh ingredients.

That makes things so much easier, Now i need to find the weight watchers nearby as well ūüôā

Wanna see more about the Kangaroo Bar?

Affiliate Marketing

AMAZON and C0.

Having a business in the Philippines is not always as easy as the way of living indicates. Finding a job is getting harder as everywhere in the world right now and online marketing is not yet that much established as in other countries. That might have to do with the high costs for internet or the connectivity problems which domestic providers like PLDT haven’t solved yet properly.

But anyway the topic is about affiliate marketing and you might have experienced it for yourself already. Maybe you have tried AVON or AMAZON. Have invited friends and colleagues to buy something from you? That’s affiliate marketing already, but how many of you have failed as you might got 5 0r 10 people into your downlines while spreading the word to those few which are in your closest reach?

Yeah as suspected i did that too and some how i was running out of sources or my downlines themselves had more success as i did. Since i found the blog of Penny Cannon i finally understood how to do things right in terms of online marketing.

So i have turned my attention to those opportunities which one can find online and discovered that affiliate marketing can be quite a source for some residual income. Not much but still enough to feed family and sending kids to school. I haven’t fallen for this promises to “get rich over night” or in just one month or that i would be able to “fire my boss”.

This are all just online bubbles and better keep your hands off as well. You lose more as they promise you to earn.

As this blog is more about the Philippines and it’s variety of opportunities i have outsourced the information’s about affiliate marketing and how to succeed as amazon affiliate. If you are interested, just follow those links and you will ¬†be directed to my other blogs which contain a bunch of my personal experience with online business. About my own online business i have posted here.


Shabu-Shabu in Cebu

New and already famous.

The Alegria Shabu-Shabu Restaurant in Cebu Cordova at Mactan Island.

Shabu-Shabu Restaurant

You like to have a special lunch or dinner? Here at Mactan Island in Cordova you will find it. Famous, not just because of the exceptional quality of the fresh ingredients, Famous already, because the Alegria Shabu Shabu Restaurant is quite far the smallest restaurant which you can find in the Philippines. Only 3 tables to serve customers at the same time. That insures that you will spend a unique time with your loved ones, co-workers or business affiliates in a very private atmosphere.

The Alegria Shabu Shabu Restaurant is right beside the Swiss-Italian Restaurant, which is already considered to be one of the best restaurants in Cebu. Take a look at TripAdvisor read what guests have to say about it. As soon the website of Alfredo is updated, we will keep you in the loop and you will then find more information about the Alegria Shabu Shabu Restaurant here in Cebu.


Five Tricks to Tickling the Interest of Filipino Consumers

Exploring the Five Tricks to Tickling the Interest of Filipino Consumers

Have you recently opened a business in the Philippines? If so, then you just made a wise decision. While the country has been through natural calamities and political scandals in the last few years, it still proves to be one of the best locations in Southeast Asia to delve into entrepreneurship. This is because of the relatively low costs of a start-up here and the convenience of getting a visa to gain access to the country. Moreover, Filipinos are said to be one of the best consumers in the world because of their nice and very forgiving attitude.

However, having such friendly consumers doesn’t make it any easier to market your products or services in the Philippine market. In fact, a recent research study revealed that Filipino consumers have become more discerning these days because of their changing lifestyle.

Now the question is‚ÄĒhow can you tickle the interest of Filipino consumers?

1. Build a good brand image

Like most consumers these days, Filipinos have grown more conscious about what brands they trust. But while they tend to go for companies who already established their credibility in the industry, they’re also looking for new brands to try and patronise. Therefore, if you’re new in the market, it would be ideal to start your marketing campaign by building a good brand image. Here’s how to do it:

  • Establishaphysicaladdressinagoodlocation. Whether it’s a meeting room in Manila ¬†or a store in Taguig, location is very important when establishing a headquarters in the Philippines because it’s a plus to consumers.
  • Beconsistentwithbranding. Most successful companies in the Philippines are big on branding. In fact, you’ll see their logos almost everywhere and this has helped them gain patronage among consumers. So, if you want to experience the same, make sure that your logo is in every marketing material that you use.

2. Create a balance between quality and price

Filipino consumers have always been big on affordability but that doesn’t mean they’re not keen about quality. So, if you want to make it big in the Philippines, you need to sell a product or service that offers value for money. Your merchandise need not be expensive, but it should¬† maintain a standard of quality so customers will patronise it.

3. Make sure your products are accessible

With the busy lives that most Filipinos are living, it’s not surprising that convenience is on top of their list. With this in mind, you have to make sure that your products or services are easily accessible to customers. Aside from choosing a convenient store location, you can also team up with other retailers so your products can be bought easily. Moreover, you can try setting up booths or outlets in shopping centres and even in office or hotel lobbies, depending on where your target market is.

4. Get into the digital marketing bandwagon

With Filipinos spending an average of 21.5 hours per week browsing the internet and a good 106 million mobile subscribers in the country, there’s no doubt that you should join the digital marketing bandwagon. However, since most Filipinos are still starting to embrace e-commerce, it’s best that you start with social media. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are top choices for Filipinos, so it’s only fitting that you use them to interact with consumers and market your products. The good news is that these social media sites are free but they’re just as efficient as other marketing methods.

5. Take the organic route in expanding your merchandise

After you’ve already established your brand and products in the Philippine market, the next step would naturally be to expand your range. But while you’d probably want to venture into another niche, it’s best that you take the organic route and stay within the category of your existing product. This will make consumers want your brand more, which guarantees you steady stream of sales.

So, are you ready to tickle the interest of your Filipino consumers?

Author Bio

Regus PH is a branch of a global corporation dedicated to addressing the needs of individuals or businesses looking for quality office space or meeting rooms in Cebu, Makati, and other areas.


I had to write about Chicks ‘n Chicken, since i witnessed someone ordering this kinda menu. ¬†Not totally strange but still a kind of odd, but let’s be objective and then one realizes that one of the reasons to visit are the young beautiful women and the cheap living costs. So Chicks’n Chicken becomes more like a description about what one is looking for while being in the Philippines.

Chicken is one of the cheapest local meat. Served in different styles mostly fried and spiced with some soy sauce. Lets keep it this way as some might get offended introducing young women as cheap chicks which is not my intention at all.

Let’s introduce what is best in the Philippines and yes, retiring due to the affordable living and the fact that young Philippine women do not care as much about age as in any other country is one of those reasons to settle down in the Philippines. My wife Mary and I collected so much more information about what is best in the Philippines, that we now added a new website, where we are constantly publishing what we think is the best in the Philippines and we do invite people to add their own opinion by using their Facebook accounts.

And speaking of chicken, if you are living in the Philippines for good, you might start missing a chicken in a honey mustard sauce american style. ¬†JC’s music lounge in Cebu is the best place to go in this case. Not that they do serve local priced meals, they also do offer live music.


Jc’s music lounge is located close to Cebu Doctor’s University. It is easy to find and in the evening there is plenty of free parking space available.

It’s a typical place where young people hang out after work with friends or colleagues having a good time with live music or karaoke which is available as well at the nearby surrounding small restaurants. JC’s music lounge is owned by Jesse and his wife Cessile.

Jesse is widely known as J-Dog, since he is playing at different stages together with his band JRI.

And speaking of Chicks, somehow it worked the guy who ordered chicks’n chicken did not leave the location alone though it has not been at the menu at all.

Tourism development in Tabuelan at Cebu Island

Looks good the construction site at the bus terminal in Tabuelan, where Mayor Rex Casiano Gerona is developing a new tourist attrction. Just like at the Loboc River at Bohol Island, Cebu Island will have its own floating restaurants and river tours. Actually it looks like that travel agencies should be prepared in 2014 to have this until now relatively unknown destination in their regular offers.

Tabuelan, sculpture of former Mayor Casiano Dabalos Gerona

Tabuelan, Cebu Island, Philippines, sculpture of former Mayor Casiano Dabalos Gerona


Quite a milestone for the tourism is going to be finished soon. Tabuelan will become quite more busy. As of now it’s known for the caves and springs nearby. The place is easy to access, just 2.5 hours in the northwest of Cebu City.

Tabuelan also awaits you with white sandy beaches, quite a rarity at Cebu Island. Small Resorts and Hotels are nearby offering affordable room rates just few minutes away from the center of Tabuelan.

The sculpture of Casiano Dabalos Gerona, created by the local artist Franz Herbich and casted at Herbich International’s Art Foundry in Lilion, ¬†is already one of the most noticed and photographed sites in Tabuelan. For sure there is more to come.

Jazz music in Cebu

Jazz and live music in Cebu

Finally, Mary and I found a place to hang out in Cebu where we can enjoy an evening with jazz and other live music. The place is called the Slabadu, which is located at Cebu Mandaue City. Easy to reach because it is conveniently located close to Mandaue Foam at the Ayala access Road.

There are some more different places in Cebu for live music, but non of them has this great music equipment, which pleases our ears that much as the sound system in the Slabadu.

Also the musicians can look back into a experienced past. They entertained people from all over the world in different places in Asia and on cruise ships.

Joefre Capangpangan

Joefre Capangpangan



I couldn’t say which of the bands I do like the most, but Mary and I are fallen for Joefre the¬†Saxophonist¬† who steps into the performance of all bands and brings the jazz into the Slabadu. His skills are outstanding. He plays the flute and¬†saxophone like I haven’t seen before.¬† Find more Information about Joefre ( click on the picture) or read more about live music in Cebu at the Slabadu.

The Slabadu is open from Mondays to Saturdays. You will get a lot of perfect live music for your  small entrance fee (100 PHP -125 PHP)

Sailing Yacht Charter Service

Charter a Sailing Yacht in the Philippines.

Have you ever dreamed about to discover the world while sailing around the globe or do you want just something special during your vacation in the Philippines?

Captain Nicks Sailing Yacht Charter Service brings you to remote Islands and Beaches which can be hardly reached by Land.

Sailing Yacht Gwapa Cebuana

Captain Nick’s Sailing Yacht Charter Service in Cebu Philippines. Sail save, sail away and enjoy the Philippines.

Take your spouse and book a tour with the sailing Yacht. “Gwapa Cebuana”

Go¬†fishing¬†or diving in the tropical paradise of the Philippines or simply relax and enjoy the freedom while sailing away. Visit Captain Nick’s Sailing Yacht Charter Service.

A conspiracy not just in the Philippines

A conspiracy threatens us
and it is happening here in in the Philippines and also world wide.

Have you noticed that stairs are getting steeper every day?

That groceries getting more heavy and distances far longer?

Yesterday I left the house and was amazed how long our street has become!

Gravitation has also increased sharply in the last 30 years.
I feel it especially when getting up from my sofa.

And people are less considerate now, especially the young: you whisper all the time!
If you ask them to speak louder, they repeat the silent message to the lip language. What are they thinking, maybe I am a lip reader?

Are also much younger, I think, as I was at that age. On the other hand, people my age look older than me.

Recently, I met an old friend and she has become much older, so they do not even recognize me.

I myself can see my reflection.
But, somehow even the mirrors are not like they used to.

Moreover, everyone drives so fast these days! You’re risking life and limb if you’re on the motorway. Everything slows down in behind you, I see them scream and gesticulate in the rear-view mirror. Your brakes must have a terrible wear.

The manufacturers of clothes are currently less serious. Why do they call suddenly size 36 or 38 dress as the size 48 and 50? Do they think that no one notices it?

Equally dubious are the manufacturer of bathroom scales! Who really believe that I see what I see on the scale thinking? HA! I’ve never done anything of the numbers!

I wanted to call someone and tell what’s going on, but the telephone provider is also in the plot here: they have the phone books published in such small print that no one can ever find a number there.

All I can do is to send this warning continues:
We are under attack!

If not soon something decisive happens, everyone will have to go through this awful experience.
Please, send this to all and as soon as possible,
so that we can still stop this conspiracy!

PS: I am sending this message in big letters, because the letters in my computer and what happened: are smaller than as they once were.

I received that message in German language from a friend of mine. I thought it’s worth to be shared and translated.